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For 4 Persons

32 square meters space is plenty for 4 persons. We have big double bed and convertible sofa. There is space for kid's travel bed (although we don't have it) - see video intro


Iltasmaja is ideal for remote work! We have WIFI, color printer, drawing board, desk for laptop, sun lamp, speakers, coffee maker. During the breaks and evenings you can enjoy surrounding clean Finnish nature!

Heated outdoor jacuzzi

All year around heated (+35 celsius) outdoor jacuzzi for 6 persons. Located at glass roof terracce. At your use noon - 9pm. Enjoy sauna and bubbles! Watch promo video!

Wood-heated Finnnish Sauna

Traditional Finnish sauna with 2 showers and large dressing room (Watch video!). Sauna available for use during noon - 9pm. Sauna is located next to the jacuzzi. Firewood is included to the rent.

Indoor toilet and shower

Guesthouse has indoor toilet and shower. No need to freeze your butt outside!

Lots of activities

Iltasmaja surrondings offer lots of activities around the year from downhill skiing to hiking in wilderness and riding with horses. Read more (PDF).

Ecological heating

Iltasmaja as well as other building in the facaility are heated ecologically with wood pellet fuels. Pellets are a renewable domestic wood energy, the raw material of which is mostly cutter or sawdust. Pellet heating is an ecological and economical way to heat.

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Easy booking via Airbnb

Who are the typical Iltasmaja guests?

  • Our guests are often couples or small group of friends/b> coming from Pirkanmaa region or from Helsinki metropolia. They seek a little get away from everyday circles.
  • Iltasmaja modern style is suitable also for retreat for small families. In the yard, we have climbing wall, 2 500 square meters of lawn, basketball field and kids-friendly beach 200 meters away.
  • Small companies / startups use Iltasmaja for team days - work a day around drawing board and relax in the evening in sauna and jacuzzi.
  • Some of the favous horse stables are located next to Iltasmaja. Customers of the horse stables use Iltasmaja as a base.
  • People enjoying Laipanmaa wilderness take advantage of Iltasmaja luxuries as well.
  • Sappee ski resort customers utilize our facilities during high seasons. We are just 26km away from Sappee.

Some testimonials from previous guests

Take a Virtual Tour!

Modern Guesthouse - watch, get excited and book now!

Heated outdoor jacuzzi - always at least +35 celsius!

Wood-heated traditional sauna!

Mallasvesi lake 200 meters away!

How to heat sauna - getting started

Open Fire Cooked Salmon

What is the story behind Iltasmaja?

Iltasmaja logo

More space and freedom

Our family has long yearned moving to country side. City of Tampere is a marvelous place to live, but we needed more space and freedom around us since our family had grown to include 7 kids. During spring 2020 we found advertisement of our dream house and after a few months later we moved to Pälkäne.

Your host is Jarkko Moilanen, who works in IT -sector remotely. For this reason Iltasmaja is equipped with good remote work enabling facilities. Your hostess is Elina Moilanen, health sector professional working in Tampere University Hospital.

Where does the name Iltasmaja come from?

The gueshouse is located at Iltasmäki village in Pälkäne. Guesthouse is vierasmaja in Finnish. So we just took part of the both words without hard to pronounce scandinavian letters. That resulted to Iltasmaja. Besides the domain for that was free and hashtag #iltasmaja was not used in Twtter. We entered Airbnb hosting with an attitude of doing it properly. That includes solid presence in social media next to excellent customer service and squeaky clean facilities. The name of the Guesthouse might not be a brand yet, but it's a start. It is unique, it does have a meaning. The guesthouse does not have (yet) own branded coffee cups, t-shirts or wine developed by local Rönnvik winery.

Why Airbnb?

We notices that guesthouse facilities were not in heavy use in our family. In addition, some of our guests fell in love with the combination of traditional wood-heated sauna and heated outdoor jacuzzi. Watch video intro! Domestic travelling is increasing and we decided offer the small luxury experience for others as well. Airbnb as a platform is easy option for the host and known around the world.